MUSIC REVIEW | The Birthday Suits are back with Blind Shake at the Turf Club

Photos by Ann Treacy

Sometimes a monopoly is a good thing. First Avenue seems to have a finger in anything musical happening in the Twin Cities but it does lead to some nice double headers. After seeing The Replacements at Midway Stadium, I was happy to hop over to the Turf Club to see The Birthday Suits and Blind Shake. Luckily it had occurred to me to buy tickets in advance because the show was sold out by the time I got there. And a lot of people milling about outside humming "Waitress in the Sky" and asking about other places to go in St Paul.


MUSIC REVIEW | Buzzcocks get an eager crowd at the Varsity Theater

Photos by Todd Wardrope

The world of punk music has a particular problem with eating its own young. Whether it's compulsive self-destruction, glamorous nihilism or the power of raw instinctive passion, the history of punk music is full of artists who died well before they should have. Someone or other said that these artists spare the rest of us the disappointment of them getting bad or selling out. Their legacy and youthful energy is forever frozen in time. They may be dead, but they never got old. Yet, there are a few stalwarts that carried their careers on with integrity. Others have merely cashed in on the promises of their younger selves. When a band like the Buzzcocks, who created the very genre that so many others have taken as thir own, play a live show in 2014 these thoughts begin to buzz like guitar feedback.


TC Weekend | Selby Jazz Fest, Nicollet Open Streets, Community Garden Day and more!

The fun continues this weekend with an array of community events to help you get the most out of the last days of summer. From free jazz fests and county fairs, to celebrations of caramel, community and urban gardens  there's a lot to love about this weekend's lineup! Scroll down for details:

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Jeff Strate: A Mike "Stretch" Gelfand sighting

Mike Gelfand (right) with producer Jeff Strate (center) and video journalist Bill Sorem on July 31 at the Bloomington Communicty Access Television studio to tape Democratic Visions.  Photo by Ron Levitus.

Joan Rivers, Lewis Black, Jackie Vernon and Phyllis Diller were among the comedians Mike “Stretch” Gelfand and I talked about yesterday (September 4th) during a retreat to a Linden Hills caffeine p


THEATER REVIEW | Little Lifeboats' "Raise Your Voice (Suzanne Cross): That F***ing Harriet Tubman Play" blends comedy with discomfort

Victoria (Victoria Pyan) and Suzanne (Suzanne Cross) in Little Lifeboats' production of Raise Your Voice (Suzanne Cross): That F***ing Harriet Tubman Play - Photography by Stacey Kanarski

Recently I was out for a walk and saw one of those rental moving vans which had a marketing campaign with state-specific images of Americana plastered on the sides of their vehicles. This particular one caught my eye because it had a picture of Harriet Tubman leading the way along the Underground Railroad to help bring slaves to freedom. While I appreciated the nod to history, Harriet Tubman on the side of a U-Haul just seemed vaguely wrong to me, but in a way I couldn’t adequately articulate. Otherwise I probably would have found a way to make a joke about it. The fact that my internal sensor was fighting furiously to get me to keep my mouth shut was something I found instructive, but again not in a way I could put into words.


TC Weekend | Concrete and Grass Music Fest, Wedge 40th Anniversary, Summer Beer Dabbler, Nokomis Monarch Fest and much more!

September may usher in the end of the summer season, but the outdoor festivities roll on this weekend with a flurry of fun events to enjoy. Butterflies, peace poems, music, cultural festivals, night markets -- you name it, this weekend has it! Scroll down to see what’s on tap.

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Children’s Theatre Company's Curtain Call Ball: Tinkerbell meets Steampunk

Labor Day has come and gone, and the Children’s Theatre Company is buzzing with activity. Actors are rehearsing, dancers checking choreography, decorators prepping sets, and caterers waiting in the wings. “Caterers?” you might ask. “Did I read that right?” Yes, you did–because these are not preparations are not a traditional theatrical performance, but for the company’s annual Curtain Call Ball and Backstage Bash. This evening affair, taking place on Saturday, September 6, is a major fundraising event for CTC and informally kicks off the company’s new season. It is also one of the most anticipated social events in the Twin Cities arts scene.

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