Finale of Trylon's 5th Anniversary Silent Film Festival features two Buster Keaton comedies

The Trylon Microcinema at 3258 Minnehaha Avenue in Minneapolis finishes its month-long silent film festival on July 25-27 with Buster Keaton’s Go West and The High Sign, with live musical accompaniment by Rats and People Motion Picture Orchestra Minnesota. Go West (1925) features the leading lady that Buster Keaton’s wife Eleanor considered her husband’s most beautiful love interest of all--a Brown Swiss cow named Brown Eyes.


Minneapolis Band Fate's Palette reflects on the challenges (and unexpected rewards) of their first silent film score

The weekend of July 11-13, the Trylon Microcinema’s ongoing 5th Anniversary Silent Film Festival took a turn toward the dark side with the 1922 German Expressionist classic Nosferatu. The film, subtitled “A Symphony of Horror,” tells the story of a young couple named Hutter and Ellen whose lives fall under the shadow of the fearsome vampire Count Orlok. Minneapolis band Fate’s Palette composed and performed an original score for the film, their first-ever foray into film scoring.


MOVIE REVIEW | 1927 "Hindle Wakes" still raising relevant issues

The 1927 British drama Hindle Wakes tells the story of a young cotton mill worker named Fanny who goes on a week-long holiday and finds her life forever changed by the choices she makes wh


MOVIE REVIEW | "A Coffee in Berlin" offers known comforts

Despite the growth of café culture across the United States, we are often reminded by our movie heroes that a basic black coffee )“a damn fine cup of coffee


TC Weekend | Twin Cities Jazz Fest, Twin Cities Pride Fest, Beer Dabbler, MN Food Truck Fair and more!

Updated: 6/27/2014 2:19 pm


Can you believe we're almost at the end of June? Time flies, so spend it wisely -- get out and enjoy some of the outdoor happenings around the cities. This weekend offers two big festivals -- the Twin Cities Pride Fest in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities Jazz Fest in Saint Paul, along with other fun happenings around town. Just like the last couple of weekends, this weekend might be a bit wet so plan accordingly.


The Naked Critic

Over the last couple of weeks I've noticed recurring discussion, or blogging at least, about the changing face of media criticism. I suppose this article here was the first bit of the current wave that I read, and as you can see in the comment section, I thought it was a very well-considered piece about the direction online criticism is heading. In summary, the usual mainstream media outlets are cutting back or eliminating paid criticism while unpaid or freelance criticism is creeping back to feature length. This is cool for several reasons, top of which in mind is that for once there is evidence to suggest that the entirety of humanity isn't getting stupider with every click of the trackpad.


"Transformers: Age of Extinction" co-stars stress human story

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Todd Wardrope

Photos by Todd Wardrope

Summer blockbuster season is well underway. This is the annual time when theaters are bursting with all kinds of explosions, visual effects and onscreen mayhem.

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