Three ways to celebrate Buster Keaton's birthday this October

If the late, great comedy star Buster Keaton were still alive, he’d be turning a very distinguished 119 years old on October 4, 2014. In the photo above, he's shown celebrating his birthday at the Cirque Medrano in Paris. Besides busting out some birthday cake, here are three ways to celebrate Keaton’s birthday in October, both in the Twin Cities and further afield. Be sure to see the end of this blog post for a note about a giveaway of the book Buster Keaton Interviews, published by the University Press of Mississippi.


MOVIE REVIEW | "The Zero Theorem" by Terry Gilliam: Hair of the dogma

(Screenshot from 'The Zero Theorem' trailer)

A famous Monty Python sketch depicts an archbishop and a humanist philosopher wrestling to determine whether God exists. The British comedy team's comic spirit exposed the ludicrous attempt to definitively answer imponderable questions while insisting that it was equally silly to fight over such issues. Their deep silliness could almost constitute the mythology of the comic that Monty Python symbolized. It took on the Big Questions and found a deeper silliness beneath philosophy and theology. It embodied a mythic trickster silliness that was more ultimate - and ultimately healing - than abstractions. It salved the suppurating wounds of history and religious hatred with a balm of cosmic nonsense. This mythic silliness Gilliam has largely jettisoned in his visually discombobulating and wonderfully flawed, The Zero Theorem. It offers a doggedly monk-like parable from the Church of New Atheism whose highest truth is delusion, delusion, all is delusion. The wrestling match has been restaged, but it is mythic silliness that has been thrown mercilessly out of the ring. It is a shock to realize that Gilliam, a luminously erratic firework of creativity, offers up a dogmatic anti-sermon.


TC Weekend | Selby Jazz Fest, Nicollet Open Streets, Community Garden Day and more!

The fun continues this weekend with an array of community events to help you get the most out of the last days of summer. From free jazz fests and county fairs, to celebrations of caramel, community and urban gardens  there's a lot to love about this weekend's lineup! Scroll down for details:

Let us know how you will spend the weekend by sending your photos and comments to tcweekend [at] tcdailyplanet [dot] net or tag them with #tcdpic or the name of the event, and we'll add them to our story.  If you know of an event fit for TC Weekend, use our calendar to upload the event or use the email address above.


John Ervin: An ungodly hour in "Mad Men"-ville

Montage of all the characters in action, bracketed by Ruby Delgado (Helen Chorolec) and her "panties".

On Wednesday, Oct 1. the world premiere of my latest feature film "The Tiki War" will take place at the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival at Saint Anthony Main Theaters.


MOVIE REVIEW | "A Letter to Momo": Fantasy with heart

(Photos courtesty of GKIDS Films)

In the world of cinema, alienated children often have the ability to see other worlds. At times, this is merely imagination.


Film in the City at the Midtown Market!

On Tuesday, June 24, a swarm of young girls in red berets and blue shorts, a big camera and some amazing lighting equipment, and a flock of people who didn’t seem to be shopping suddenly appeared at the Midtown Farmer’s Market. Film in the City, a project that was funded by the Minnesota State Arts Board through the Legacy Amendment, was behind the sudden burst of activity.


Documentary to tell the story of Juneteenth

(Photo by Charles Hallman) Lee Jordan

Although Lee Jordan has been working on it for some time now, the local filmmaker’s recent meeting with a local film group virtually has confirmed that his preliminary plans for a documentary on Juneteenth have not been in vain.


Clive Geraghty: Great Irish actor at the Irish Fair of Minnesota

Clive Geraghty, one of Ireland's finest actors, will be bringing his self-authored script A Celebration of Seamus Heaney to the Irish Fair as an Ouroboros Theatre, Ireland, production. His presentation will evoke the spirit of the great Irish poet and world famous Nobel Laureate who passed away in August, 2013.


TC Weekend | FMLY Fest, Irish Fair, Polish Fest, Pizza Lucé Block Party, Play on Penn, Art on the Ave & more!

This weekend’s lineup is a bit quieter than last weekend's, but no less engaging. From community gatherings and cultural fairs, to art crawls and music festivals -- there is a lot to enjoy this weekend! Scroll down to see what’s on tap; if you know of an event that readers should know about, sound off in the comment section below.

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