Understanding the Star Tribune's assault on Black interests

Like others in my professional and community circles, I am astounded and incensed by the incredulous yet incessant attack on Black people by the Minneapolis daily newspaper and by Republican


Big Business Biggest Winner in Republican Budget

Mountains of amendments to the omnibus taxes bill required multiple carts as they awaited distribution during an April 29 recess. Photo by Andrew VonBank, Session Daily.

It’s absolutely official. In case you were uncertain about the number one priority of Minnesota House Republicans, it’s big businesses.


MN House passes legislation barring transgender inclusion in schools

The Minnesota House of Representatives passed an omnibus bill on Saturday that includes a provision that would repeal transgender-inclusive policies in Minneapolis and St.


“All Options on the Table” with Southwest Corridor

Tunnel plans for the Southwest Light Rail in the Kenliworth Corridor.

Lots of news on the Southwest Corridor lately. You may have heard about it:


Everything you need to know about free speech at the Mall of America

A warning during the December Black Lives Matter protest at the Mall of America.

Starting this week, the ongoing trial of Black Lives Matter protestors for allegedly organizing a December demonstration at the Mall of America will place a spotlight on free speech, racial inequal


Is Innovation Dead in Minnesota Politics?

Whatever happened to the spirit of reform and innovation in Minnesota government and politics?
At one time t

Black Lives at the Mall of America: the long shadow of history

In the dock are eleven Black Lives Matter activists fingered by police as the “ringleaders” of a peaceful rally at the Mall of America last

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