We Can Make 28th Avenue Better for People

Crosswalks at 40th Street and 28th Avenue Are Heavily Used

Driving 28th Avenue from 38th Street to Minnehaha Parkway in south Minneapolis is a pleasure, a little too much so.


Backers push for vote on driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants

High interest an undocumented immigrant driver’s license bill was apparent as a standing-room only crowd packed into the basement hearing room of the State Office Building March 25 for a meeting of the transportation committee. Photo by Andrew Von Bank

Maria Negreros says she risks breaking the law each day to drive her children to preschool.


Franklin Avenue to be repaved and improved for bikes and pedestrians

Image from City of Saint Paul.

Paving and improvements to Franklin Avenue just west of trunk Highway 280 will cause street closures and other traffic disruptions this summer.


SPOKES and Cycles for Change to Merge

Open workshop night at Spokes community bike shop.

On January 1, we had a big change: SPOKES (the community bike center just east of the LRT on 22nd Street) merged with Cycles for Change, a community bike center headquartered in St. Paul.


Looking ahead: Republican transportation plan, budget targets due next week

The first committee deadline has passed in a flurry of bills and late-night hearings, and the 2015 session will keep picking up steam next week with the release of t


Hiawatha/Hi-#55 Stoplight opinions wanted

Over the past few years, the City of Minneapolis and its partners made major investments in a new traffic signal management system and other equipment to slash wait times for vehicles al


The more cyclists, the better; West Bank nonprofit gives locals a chance at bicycling

Earn-a-Bike student Wondey Geta observes as mechanic Ben Swanson demonstrates how to remove a bike tube at SPOKES on Saturday morning. Photo by James Healy, via the Minnesota Daily.

After a month of studying and repairing bicycles, two people will ride away from a small shop near the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood on free bikes.

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