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Network neutrality decision underscores importance of community owned networks

In a decision announced a few hours ago, the DC Circuit of Appeals has largely ruled against the Open Internet, or network neutrality. These are rules established by the Federal Communications Commission to prevent massive ISPs like Comcast and AT&T from degrading or blocking access to certain sites on the Internet. Decision here [pdf].


Minnesota Cyber Security Summit: We need to do more – it could be a new MN industry

Last week I attended the Cyber Security Summit in downtown Minneapolis. It’s a big event hosting lots of corporate and public security experts. I started to take full notes and realized that much of the detail was probably too much for most of the BoB readers (and me)!. So I decided to report back on highlights and broad swaths instead.


Ideas + Collaboration = Solutions at CityCampMN and Hackathon

If the mayhem in Our Nation’s Capitol does nothing else it does inspire one to face and possibly solve the problems right here at home – the little stuff that makes a difference in our daily lives, the sorts of challenges that people of good can and will work together to solve. Civic-minded activists who see the possibilities in technology should seize the chance to participate in these related projects set for Saturday-Sunday, November 9 and 10.


To ID galaxies, University of Minnesota asks public for help

University of Minnesota researchers collaborated with an international research team to classify and catalog the galaxies using a website called Galaxy Zoo.


Digital divide: External resources needed to help teens with technology needs

Amidst shelves of books at Rondo Community Outreach Library in St. Paul, a group of patrons has its eyes fastened to glowing computer screens. It is a scene set in neutrals, with white tables and beige pillars, but the surroundings are not the focus. The snapping of keys and clicking of mice fills the open space as people work and play in this oasis of technology, absorbed in the pixels on their screens.


Minneapolis candidates 2013: Assessing their access agenda

Open Twin Cities ( is an assemblage of local hackers with a timely cause – to harness technology for the public good. The group involves geeks, hackers, public employees and activists willing to put their technological expertise – and political influence – on the line to make change happen. Their current initiative falls into the latter category and meets one of the group’s goals: to “lead a public discussion on open data and civic technology.”


Someone is always watching: Police use social media as a tool for investigations

When T.J. Neely came home to Minneapolis from prison recently, he shut down his Facebook page. All of his friends and connections deactivated. To many, this may have seemed like social suicide, but Neely described it as simply a way to build a new life.


Tag, you're (not) it: Basic etiquette often an afterthought when posting to Facebook

You wouldn’t display your best friend’s picture on a billboard if it were embarrassing, would you? Yet every day, social media users post photos on the Internet that are unflattering to friends.

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