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Budget bills make additional investments in education

A quality educational system plays a critical role in a state’s economic success. For Minnesota to build an economy that works for everyone, all Minnesota children need access to quality education regardless of their race, income or where they live.


Health and Human Services supplemental budget bills increase funding for health care workers

The Legislature made important progress in increasing access to health care for Minnesotans last session using limited resources, and the positive balance in the February Forecast has allowed policymakers to propose additional investments in health and human services this year.


House passes wide-ranging supplemental budget bill

Rep. Lyndon Carlson Sr. and Majority Leader Erin Murphy confer on the House floor during the lengthy April 3 debate on the supplemental budget bill. (Photo by Andrew VonBank)

After years of being mired in large budget deficits, the House on Thursday dived into the unfamiliar territory of advancing hundreds of millions of surplus dollars.


Keys to a healthy state budget

Minnesota has recently turned the corner from more than a decade of frequent budget deficits to a $1.2 surplus. But unforeseen events and the inevitable ups and downs of the business cycle create volatility in state economies and state budgets. These events, like extreme weather or recessions, can’t be avoided, so it’s important for states to address volatility so they can meet the needs of their residents even in the face of the unexpected.


House releases 'inadequate' $850 million bonding proposal; $125 million cash plan

Members of the House Capital Investment Committee are pictured during an October tour of the Mankato Events Center Auditorium/Convention Center. The facility was included in a $914.6 million House bonding bill released Tuesday. (Session Daily file photo)

Public colleges and university buildings could get some much-needed repair and three civic center projects could be constructed — but funding to continue State Capitol renovations is up in the air.


Fund that helps pay for MinnesotaCare faces deficit

A state fund that helps pay for MinnesotaCare is estimated to face an increasing deficit in the coming years, the House Health and Human Services Finance Committee learned during its first hearing on its omnibus bill Tuesday.


Funding bump, plus programs for English language learners in omnibus education finance bill

An increase on the school funding formula and more dollars for English language learners are key pieces to the omnibus education finance bill.


Chances of new transportation funding dim

A major transportation funding package OK’d Thursday in the House Transportation Finance Committee appears unlikely to become law, with DFL leadership saying the bill lacks the broad coalition needed to pass it off the floor.


A look at the House budget priorities

Priorities in the House budget targets released this afternoon include $550 million in tax cuts, $488 million in new spending, and $195 million on the “bottom line.”


Governor Dayton's supplemental budget sets his tax and budget priorities

Governor Dayton today released the outline of his supplemental budget, which proposes $616 million in tax cuts, $455 million more for the state’s budget reserves and $162 million in new spending.

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