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South Minneapolis Somali community asks for ethnic, healthy food shelf

(Photos by Cirien Saadeh)

When it comes to food shelves in Minneapolis, halal food is hard to come by. But a group of Somali women want to change that.


Wingert, Michaels sweep 2014 Ivey Awards at the State Theatre

The 2014 Ivey Awards ceremony at the State Theatre on September 22 honored three productions and fourteen individuals. Veteran actress Sally Wingert was recognized for notable performances in four separate productions, while Tyler Michaels’s own four appearances earned him the Emerging Artist Award. The Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to Bonnie Morris and Michael Robins for their work at Illusion Theater.


MUSIC PHOTOS | The War on Drugs at First Avenue

Photos by Chad Rieder.

On Monday, September 22, The War on Drugs played at First Avenue in Minneapolis. Califone opened.


MOVIE REVIEW | "The Zero Theorem" by Terry Gilliam: Hair of the dogma

(Screenshot from 'The Zero Theorem' trailer)

A famous Monty Python sketch depicts an archbishop and a humanist philosopher wrestling to determine whether God exists. The British comedy team's comic spirit exposed the ludicrous attempt to definitively answer imponderable questions while insisting that it was equally silly to fight over such issues. Their deep silliness could almost constitute the mythology of the comic that Monty Python symbolized. It took on the Big Questions and found a deeper silliness beneath philosophy and theology. It embodied a mythic trickster silliness that was more ultimate - and ultimately healing - than abstractions. It salved the suppurating wounds of history and religious hatred with a balm of cosmic nonsense. This mythic silliness Gilliam has largely jettisoned in his visually discombobulating and wonderfully flawed, The Zero Theorem. It offers a doggedly monk-like parable from the Church of New Atheism whose highest truth is delusion, delusion, all is delusion. The wrestling match has been restaged, but it is mythic silliness that has been thrown mercilessly out of the ring. It is a shock to realize that Gilliam, a luminously erratic firework of creativity, offers up a dogmatic anti-sermon.


Pumpkins, caramel and more; Twin Cities fall fun

Sept. 22 marks the official start of fall, offering a bounty of colorful fall foliage, apple orchards, corn mazes, and an endless wave of pumpkin flavors! Below we’ve highlighted an assortment of festivities in the Twin Cities (and beyond) to help you get the most out of the season. Please share with us your favorite thing about fall by taking our poll below!  

Stay tuned for Halloween, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), and other seasonal coverage, as we approach the holidays. Also, if you know of great upcoming holiday or seasonal events, spread the word by using our calendar or send an email to paigeelliott [at] tcdailyplanet [dot] net.


New beginnings: RAWI's 5th national gathering with Mizna

September 18th through 20th brought the 5th National RAWI (Radius of Arab Writers, Inc.) Conference to Minneapolis. RAWI partnered with local nonprofit Mizna, an organization that promotes contemporary expressions of Arab American culture through the publication of Mizna: Prose, Poetry and Art Exploring Arab America and the production of the Twin Cities Arab Film Festival. The conference included panels often hosted by academic scholars of Arab American literature, and theater, writing workshops, and performances.


THEATER REVIEW | Workhaus Collective's "Lake Untersee" navigates glaciers, divorce, autism

Rocky (Michael Thurston) and an ill-dressed Phyllis (Jennifer Blagen) explore the Antarctic. Photo by Heidi Bohnenkamp

One of the most transformative movements in 20th-century opera was verismo, which foregrounded realistic depictions of everyday life. This focus on realism, especially in examinations of contemporary lower-class life, opened the floodgates to a rich array of stories that simply had not been told or were previously being swept under the rug. Lake Untersee similarly pulls back a veil, revealing a story that delves into a condition still largely absent from the theatrical limelight.


SuperValu announces closure; City moves to redevelop Nicollet

(Photos by Stephanie Fox) A SuperValu cashier works around the clock during the weekend closeout; Below, by Sunday, Sept. 14, almost all fresh produce had been sold.

Last week, the signs announcing that Sullivan’s SuperValu at Lake and Nicollet was closing were small so many people didn’t notice. But by Sunday, word spread that everything was 50 percent off and people were grabbing anything they could.

“It’s a controlled riot,” a security guard joked.


A Frogtown feast: Thousands gather to discuss food access in St. Paul

(Photos by Andy King)

Not everyone thinks about their food as art, but one St. Paul artist is using art to spread awareness about food access issues in his neighborhood.

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